"Rungu" means “care” in the Balinese language.  

 We hope to bring you a healthy and happy life style through our products

 with care for both ourselves and the environment, 

from the island of gods, Bali.

cotton washable menstrual pads

We make and sell washable and reusable cotton menstrual products in Bali, Indonesia, using imported, high-quality natural cotton flannel. 

Using cloth pads for menstrual periods not only is beneficial to the environment but it lessons women’s stress and gives you power to enjoy and respect your moon cycle.


We have chosen a type of non-disposable pads that is most suitable for the tropical climate for its simple and easy-to-care style.   

Thick but Thin!

It's thick so it holds a lot, thin so it’s easy to care.

 Rungu’s menstrual pads are thick when in use (8 layers of flannel in size L!) so they are super-absorbent, but they are thin when unfolded for washing and drying so they are also hygienically ideal!  

It’s got to be Fun!

the moon visits you every month. 

Why don’t we make it enjoyable, then?

Rungu’s plain pads are so comfortable to wear and the holders are so cute and fun to choose, and they are 100% natural, you will feel no stress again but will sure look forward to your next period!